Why Choose White Mascara

While you could wear white mascara on its own if that’s the “look” you’re going for (doubtful!) white mascara is actually an additional product you can wear on your eyelashes along with your normal darker mascara.

Several “lash lengthening” mascara products now come as a “duo” pack: there is a lighter or white mascara on one end, and the darker color o the other end. You can also buy white mascara separately in stores if you do not have one of these “duo” sets already on hand. You can first apply the white mascara to your lashes (which is often referred to as a “primer”) and then, after it is dry, apply the darker shade over top of the white mascara. The idea is that the white mascara will not only help lengthen your lashes, but also add some added thickness to it.

The white mascara helps bulk up the lashes that you already have. So once you apply another coat of the darker mascara over top, they will immediately appear longer and fuller.

Can you wear White Mascara on Its Own?

You can wear what ever you like how you like it! Granted, most women do not like the white mascara look, as it will make their eyes look rather stark, naked, or even “creepy” as some women have described it as. Unless you are going for a specific “look” or are waling down the runway and are trying to accomplish a certain appearance, you should probably keep the white mascara as an undercoat or “primer” for your darker shades of mascara.

Where can I Find a White Mascara?

White mascara is not nearly as common as the tinted or colored types, but it should not be too difficult to find. Several drug stores now carry white mascara individually or as a pre-packed “duo” set that cosmetic companies are now beginning to pair together. Department stores will often have white mascara behind the counter, and specialized beauty stores will certainly have white mascara on deck (you will be surprised by just how many other colors they will have as well!).

Can White Mascara Help Extend the Life of my Mascara?

Perhaps one of the greatest things about white mascara is that it will act as a bonding agent, meaning that the darker mascara that you apply overtop of the white mascara will last longer. White mascara, when used as a primer, can have you kissing those smudges and smears under your eyes goodbye!

So the next time someone asks you about white mascara, you need not be confused or even horrified by the idea. There are real benefits to using it! Pick up a lash lengthening duo pack to really test it out and see if it works for you (most women really love using it before a night out on the town).