Why Choose Water Based Mascara?

Mascara is a cosmetic product that is available to be used to darken our eyelashes, or thicken, color, lengthen or even to just help define them better than if we were to not wear mascara at all. You can find mascara in a number of different forms, the most popular being liquid, but you can also buy mascara as a cake or as a cream.

Different tints, colors and formulas are also available, and most come as a “wand and tube” applicator (though cake and cream forms do exist!). You can also find mascara in a number of different compositions, one of the most popular being water based types of mascara.

Water based mascara is by no means the most popular, however; the oil based mascaras tend to be the most popular choice, as they realistically do last longer and will length and volumize your lashes better than a water based mascara. But there are instances when water based mascara is a necessary choice, such as:

  • If you are wearing false eyelash extensions and want to add even more “oomph” to your lashes, then opt for water based mascara. Water based mascara will keep your lashes from clumping or sticking together
  • If you have sensitive eyes, then a water based mascara will be best for your eyes (especially if it is organic water based mascara)
  • If you have skin allergies that may break out on any par of your body, then you may want to stick with a water based mascara to ensure that there are no bad side effects
  • If you want the same desired effect with a water based mascara as you get with an oil based, you may need 3-4 coats of the mascara rather than 1-2.

Why would I Need Water Based Mascara?

The demand for water based cosmetics as a whole is increasing, with mascara being one of the most in demand. Water based mascaras are more suitable with the skin’s natural pH levels, which means that there is a lower chance of there being a break out of any sort of skin problems that would arise from using this product. Water based products include a few different materials that oil based products do not, such as:

  • A water-dispersible pigment that has nonionic coating
  • A lipid vesicle which comprises of one or more lipid components
  • A pharmaceutical or cosmetic aqueous carrier (a material that will help the product be used and perform as it should)

With the demand for water based mascaras and other cosmetics on the rise, finding these products is not nearly as difficult as it was ten years or even five years ago! If you are looking for a safer, more “skin and body friendly” cosmetic, then opt for the water based cosmetics and water based mascaras.