Why Choose Organic Mascara?

Many women are interested in making the switch from conventional cosmetics to organic, but a lot are not exactly sure just what organic cosmetics, like organic mascara, even is!

Why “Go Organic”?

As environmentally-caused diseases and illnesses seem to be on the rise (such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease) people are becoming acutely aware of what they are putting both in and on their bodies. People are looking for pure formulations made from pure and natural ingredients, not lab-created chemicals that can do more harm than good. More studies have come out that have proved that what ever we put onto our bodies becomes absorbed just as if we were to put that product directly into our mouths, so we are far more conscious of just what it is we are using and how we are using it.

How can I Find Organic Mascara?

A lot of cosmetic companies have been created as the demand for organic rises. These companies specialize in “organic only” cosmetics. Then there are other cosmetic companies that already exist that have created separate organic makeup lines to cater to the organic mascara and cosmetics demand.

But here’s the problem: though it is relatively simple to find organic eyeshadow, organic foundation, and organic blush, trying to find organic mascara can be a REAL hassle – right to the point where you may believe it doesn’t even exist!

Don’t be fooled – it does. Try out a specialized beauty store or look at products made from a specific organic only cosmetic company. You will be sure to find organic mascara.

The Problem with Organic Cosmetics

We all have the idea of what organic products are – they haven’t been touched by any pesticides or harmful chemical residues. A lot of us think of rolling green meadows in the middle of “who-knows-where” with these organic plants growing free and wild – but this is hardly the case.

The term “organic” is actually a rather loose definition and, unless you do your homework, your “organic mascara” may really not be all too organic at all! The FDA and USDA has no sort of jurisdiction really over the cosmetics companies out there, though they are attempting to have cosmetics meet the same standards that organic foods should be meeting.

Until there are any set “standards” for the organic cosmetic cosmetics, and for other beauty and personal care items such as organic toothpaste and shampoo, it is left in the hands of the consumer to decide if the product they are using is “organic” enough for them. This means a lot of label reading and a lot of research into products that you may be interested in. This also means that the task at hand may be rather time consuming.

Read reviews, learn about what ingredients should NOT be in organic cosmetics, and be sure you read the full list of ingredients for a product (a lot of cosmetics have only a “short list” of what is actually contained within them).