Which Mascara is Right for Me?

Walk into any beauty section of a store and you will immediately be overwhelmed by the amount of different mascaras that you can choose from. Different colors, brush shapes, formulas and brands – not to mention a whole lot of different prices!What mascara is right for you?

Lengthening Mascara

If you are considering which mascara to buy and you have short, sparse lashes, then lengthening mascara is definitely for you! Even those with longer lashes often enjoy using lengthening mascaras as it gives them that extra “wow” factor. Lengthening mascaras tend to have more dense bristles, which in turn allows you to get more mascara applied to your lashes from root to tip.

Thickening Mascara

This type of mascara may be coupled with a lengthening mascara, or you can find a thickening mascara on its own. The goal of a thickening mascara is just that – to add thickness and “bulk” to your lashes. This is also great if you have sparse or thin lashes, or if you want to create the illusion of having incredibly full mascaras. Thickening mascaras tend to contain more a higher quantity or thickness of silicone polymers and waxes, the two products that help “bulk up” your lashes.

Non-Clumping Mascara

Almost all mascaras these days should be non-clumping, by default, but you’d be surprised just how many do not contain the silk extract and glycerin that keep your mascara from chunking and clumping on you. If you do buy a specific non-clumping brand, you may notice that the wand is longer, which allows for a more smooth, even application of the mascara.

Waterproof Mascara

A lot of women wear waterproof mascara each and every day since it truly does stay on better and longer than many other brands of mascara. The problem with this is that waterproof mascara is quite a bit more difficult to remove from your lashes, so using a harsh mascara remover every day can really take its toll on both your lashes and the thin skin surrounding you eye. If you absolutely need to wear a waterproof mascara, try to limit its use to only when it is really required (such as a humid, hot day or an afternoon at the pool).

Natural Mascara

The drawback to natural mascara is that there is not a waterproof formulation of this yet, but the benefit is that natural mascaras are made up of natural ingredients that are not hazardous or harmful to our skin! As women become more aware of just how much wear and tear our cosmetics may be taking on us, they are switching to natural mascara formulations. As an added benefit, most natural mascara companies make a point of not testing on animals.

Organic Mascara

Many confuse organic and natural mascara as being the same, but this is not the case. Natural mascaras are not necessarily made of organic products. Organic mascaras are pesticide free and offer a waterproof option. One thing to bear in mind is how loose the term “organic” is often used when it comes to cosmetics, so really do your research when choosing which mascara to buy.