What is Hypoallergenic Mascara?

If you find that your skin is having adverse reactions when it comes to certain products, then you may want to choose a hypoallergenic mascara rather than just your regular, conventional mascara.

What does Hypoallergenic Mean?

The term “hypoallergenic” can be found on several products these days, from shampoos to moisturizers to cosmetics to even different jewelry. Though many men and women believe that hypoallergenic means NO allergic reactions, it does mean “less” or “fewer” allergic reactions than the other standard cosmetics on the market. The FDA defines hypoallergenic as:

“…products that manufacturers claim produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products.”

It is important for consumers to realize, however, that there is no FDA standard or definition as to what it takes for a product to be “hypoallergenic”.

So how can I know if my Mascara is Hypoallergenic Mascara?

Because of the lack of standards when it comes to hypoallergenic mascara, it can be rather difficult to trust just what it is that you are buying and what you are putting onto your eyelashes. Do not feel completely fooled, however, as there are still ways you can find if a mascara will work for you:

  1. Look up hypoallergenic brands online. See what there is out there just by quickly browsing the internet and familiarize yourself with different hypoallergenic mascara brands.
  2. Start reading reviews. Of course what works for one person may not work for the next, but the more that one mascara tends to work for one person who has skin allergies the more likely that it will work out for you too. If you have a specific condition that you are familiar with, be sure to enter that information into search too.
  3. Talk to beauty professionals. Visit any drug store, department store, beauty store, or talk to friends who regularly use makeup and see just what mascara they are using. Even if they are not using a hypoallergenic mascara, there’s a good chance that someone will know someone who does (it’s not all too uncommon!).
  4. Ask for free samples. When you start asking for free hypoallergenic mascara samples, you will be amazed just how many little sample sized bottles you will accrue in a short period of time. A lot of women feel embarrassed to ask for a free sample, but why would you? These sample sized products are made FOR YOU to give their product a try! Not only that, but more reputable companies who care for your business tend to create sample sizes for you to test beforehand, so it helps narrow down which company you would like to purchase from.
  5. Read the ingredients on the package. Check and see if all of the ingredients in the hypoallergenic mascara will work out with your skin! The more natural the product, the less of a reaction you will generally suffer from.