What is Holistic Skin Care?

Alternative medicine was swept under the rug for many centuries for those living in more Western civilizations, but it is now making a strong comeback as people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of “natural” healing as opposed to “medicated” healing. This extends from medicines to psychological help to even holistic skin care!

Holistic skin care isn’t a new invention; it has been around for almost 7,000 years in Chinese medicine. India was also beginning holistic skin care around the same time as the Chinese, both documenting the benefits of following such a natural, all encompassing health routine. For thousands of years holistic skin care was all that was followed – until money and companies and earnings became involved.

Once money was introduced, holistic skin care tended to go right out the window as women were fooled by marketing ploys and tactics into thinking that certain things they did would make their skin better (such as smoking, which has now been well documented as certainly NOT improving one’s complexion or well being!).

Holistic skin care began to come back onto the beauty scene only 20 years ago in the 1990s, though the term is often interchanged with “natural” and “alternative” skin care. Don’t be fooled, these are not all the same. So what is the definition of holistic skin care?

Holistic skin care can be defined as: incorporating a method or methods into one’s every day life to treat one’s mind, body and soul to achieve a balance that will improve one’s well being.

What this means is that, as anyone who practices holistic skin care treatment will tell you, every part of your day to day life affects the quality of your skin. This means that your world view, your perception of the world, your nutrition, how you exercise, and your mental downtime or meditation plays an important role on how your skin appears.

As anyone who practices holistic health will tell you, the thought of being able to “cure” something with a pill is a short term solution, and they are most often right. Once someone stops taking a certain medication, old symptoms come back to haunt them and they need to go back on the medication to achieve desired results.

Holistic skin care, however, has a goal to permanently eliminate any skin woes and troubles by eliminating the causative factors. Those who practice holistic health often believe that the quality of one’s skin is linked directly to their mind. Meditation, relaxation, massage, and aromatherapy are all methods that would be recommended to improve the quality of your skin.

If you do visit a holistic skin care practitioner, you can expect them to not only try to teach you relaxation techniques, but to also:

  • Offer advice on your nutrition and how your current diet may be adversely affecting your skin quality
  • Using only natural ingredients on your skin
  • Massaging you facial muscles so as to keep your skin taut and to prevent sagging, the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and other skin issues