Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Needs

We all have our favorite pieces of makeup. Some of us swear by our mascara while others would rather die than go a day without cover up. The very same goes for nail polish shades – there are just some nail polish shades that every woman should have in her beauty kit so that in a pinch she can go out looking fabulously hot and well put together.

#1 Essential: A Fantastic Red

Finding a red nail polish shade that is juuust right can be a bit more difficult than you may think! Some general guidelines are that for any woman with a cooler skin tone (meaning a bluish undertone) she should go for a more blue-based nail polish. For any woman with a warmer skin tone, aim for a more orange-based nail polish shade.

You can find a wide array of different nail polishes out there, all with different price points. You can choose a less expensive brand, such as Sally Hansen or OPI, or you can try out a more expensive brand such as Chanel. Some boutique makeup brands have some absolutely gorgeous red nail polish shades out there that you just can’t find any where else, so be sure to check those out as well (look to see what you can find online; there are a lot of specialty nail polish stores online that offer some of the best red nail polish out there!).

#2 Essential: A Pretty Pink

Where would a girl be without a sparkly pink nail polish color? The different shades and tones of pink nail polish out there could very well blow any woman’s mind, so again it is important to focus on just what pink will work best for you and your skin tone. You can choose a hot, neon pink or a darker, magenta shade or even a very light bubblegum pink. Pink shades exude feminity and playfulness, so be sure to put a layer or two MAC’s “Steamy” or ORLYs “Basket Case” before a date to really show your true colors.

#3 Essential: A Neutral Shade

Neutral shades are a “must” for even the most adventurous of sorts. Even if you are the bright neon, glittery type, there will be days when a neutral nail polish is necessary. Neutral nail polish shades are a great choice for those days in the office, job interviews, or lazy weekends around the house. These shades, like Maybelline’s “Blushing Bride” and OPI’s “Malaysian Mist” are great choices for those more subdued days.

#4 Essential: Get Dramatic

Life isn’t worth living if you aren’t taking chances! Choosing at least one shade of a darker, more dramatic color is an absolute must! Deep crimson reds, midnight blues, black tones or even forest greens are all great choices for those more dramatic shades.

#5 Essential: The Indulgent Shade

So maybe you like a color that just is never in “style”, is never “fashionable”, and always leaves people scratching their heads. PERFECT! A popular choice may be a purple glitter nail polish, a lime green polish, or a metallic turquoise blue that everyone but you seems to raise an eyebrow to.