Long Hair Versus Short Hair – 2 Big Advantages to Getting a Short Hairstyle

In the last few years, short hairstyles have become more and more popular for women. The haircuts that were thought to be left in the past are modern again. There are several advantages and pros to having short hair versus long hair.

2 Big Advantages of Short Hair Versus Long Hair for Women

  1. One of the main and most beneficial aspects of a short hairstyle is definitely the fact that it does not require much time or effort to take care of. It is easy and convenient and really a “step out of the shower and go” type of maintenance.
    This advantage is really important in today’s day and age, as women’s lives are busy and getting busier.  Businesswomen want to look stylish and at the same time, they do not have a lot of time to manage their hair, such as the case with long hair. A cute and modern short haircut is the ultimate solution. All it needs is to be washed and dried with a towel or a blow dryer. After that, you could run out to your office. And with a professional cut, the hair will often just fall into place without the need to blow dry or any styling.
  2. Also, short hairstyle allows changing your look and style in several ways, usually with just a little gel or hair mousse. You could be feminine one day and stylish another and sexy for a great evening look.

Short hair can make a woman feel young and beautiful and sexy. Many women are surprised by how much younger they look and feel when getting a short hairstyle and they report feeling more energetic and active, and confident after getting their short haircuts done.

It can be scary to change haircuts, but remember it will grow back. If you are fearful to consult with your stylist and ask her or his opinion on whether or not they think a short haircut goes with your face.

Often times short hair is not right for everyone, and here is a guide that can help you to figure it out: Haircuts by Face Shape Guide. Overall, you are not losing anything! If you do not feel comfortable with your new short hair, you will be able to return to your old hairstyle just in a couple of months. Many women are delighted with the results, how they look and the carefree lifestyle as opposed to having long hair.