How To Straighten Hair – Using Flat Irons to Straighten Hair

While there are many beauty advantages of staying ahead of the fashion fads, using a lot of styling products can eventually cause hair damage. Many women use a variety of tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons to straighten, blow dry straight-hair-with-flat-irons and curl their hair. Many ladies are using hair straighteners and flat irons more and more to eliminate frizz and produce a smooth and stylish look. But, using these kinds of hair tools can cause quite a bit of destruction and damage in the long run.

One of the main reasons for the type of damage that is caused by these tools is that women use inferior products that cause a loss of moisture that in turn leads to frizz and breakage. Using the proper equipment, which protects the hair while it, styles it can really make a big difference of the overall condition of your hair while using these hair products. One of the most essential things to bear in mind while using hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and other tools is to make sure and keep the hair well moisturized, conditioned and hydrated at all times, and to make sure to use the best products, as we will discuss further in this post.

Flat irons really work to create a super smooth and flawless finish to the hair, especially for very naturally frizzy and curly hair. There are two main types of flat irons, the ceramic models that use ionic tourmaline technologies with infrared heat and also metal plate types. To avoid damaging the hair, you should always use the ceramic models. The ceramic models of flat-irons-to-straighten-hair flat irons are built to maintain stable temperatures and can stop extreme heat damage from occurring. Hair irons, which are made with metal plates, actually provide uneven heat distribution and can, in turn, cause the hair to overheat.

The ceramic types of flat irons are the ones mostly used in beauty salons around the world, mainly because they are light, heat up fast and case little damage to the hair follicle while providing great style and smoothness to out of control locks.

The width of the ceramic hair iron can also be essential, as the more coarse hair types will need a wider width. The size of the particular ceramic plates is also important for the particular length of hair to be straightened, with the larger models being able to provide a more smooth and better style to longer hair and the more narrow ones being more ideal for short haircuts. Several high-quality hair strengtheners and flat irons provide various attachments of different plate sizes, and these can be essential to provide women with more inventive ways to successfully create beautiful and unique hairstyles for all hair lengths.

Best Brands of Ceramic Flat Irons for Hair

There are several very good brands of ceramic flat irons to straighten hair at home, let’s take a look at some of these.

Chi Brands

The Chi brand is quite popular and well known in professional hair styling salons as well as for home users and they come in  3 different models, the Mini, Chi Turbo, and Big Chi Turbo. The Chi flat irons first became popular with the introduction of the Chi ceramic hairstyling iron. They are well built, use quality materials and are built to minimize damage to hair, while still providing beautifully smooth hair.

Features of the Chi Flat Irons:

  • they feature removable plates, which really help to protect the individual hair follicle. Chi brands also seal in color as well as moisture;
  • these flat irons have a variable temperature control and also a flat heating system that provides intermittent heating for the various parts of the hair;
  • they also heat up very fast.


Many women select Sedu brand of hair straighteners, for their ease of use and their ability to provide even temperature distribution.


The Solia flat iron is another popular brand and is quite similar to the Sedu models.

It is crucial that you spend some time at looking into which hairstyle devices will best fit your daily requirements and your desires to be innovative. Once you have obtained your hairstyling products, be sure to study the documentation that comes with it, so you understand precisely how to work with them as well as their particular features. Shortly, you may find that those irritating bad hair times are long gone.