How to Make your Own Glitter Nail Polish

A lot of women prefer to do things their way these days so that they can express their own individuality. There are a lot of different nail polish colors, including glitter nail polish on the market today, but for some women these are just not up to par.This may be you, or perhaps you have a more “crafty” side that is just dying to try and make her own cosmetics. For a quick and easy do it yourself glitter nail polish project, follow the steps below:

To make the glitter nail polish, you will need a few tools first, such as:

  • A clear or colored nail polish base
  • A very fine glitter in a color of your choosing (the finer the glitter the better)
  • A small funnel
  • Waxed paper
  • 1 teaspoon
  • Clear top coat

Once you have those things, here’s how you can get right on to making your own glitter nail polish:

1) Choose the nail polish base color of your choice. You will probably want to choose a nail polish that has not been used or that is new. It is highly recommended that you choose either a clear color (such as a clear base coat) or one that is slightly tinted to reflect a different color, but if you would like to give using an opaque shade a go then all the more power to you!

2) Choose a fine glitter in a color of your choice. Remember that the finger the glitter is, the better it will stay on. Bigger pieces of glitter means that the application will not be smooth and that “chunks” will stick up from your nails. This will cause the nail polish to flake or peel off far easier. You can find a lot of different fine glitter shades at a craft store or an art supply store.

TIP: Try to choose glitter shades that reflect both your personality and the tint of the nail polish you are using (unless you have chosen a clear polish, which means you can have absolutely any color you would like and have the nail polish look stunning).

3) Take either a small funnel or create a cone-funnel shape out of wax paper, and make sure that the mouth of the funnel is small enough to fit nicely and snugly into the mouth of the nail polish bottle.

4) Now take your teaspoon and scoop one teaspoon of glitter. Drop the teaspoon of glitter into your funnel. Remove the funnel from the mouth of the nail polish bottle, and put the lid back into the nail polish bottle. Shake the nail polish until the glitter has been mixed in, and see if you have the desired amount of glitter in your nail polish. If not, take the lid off of the nail polish bottle, place the funnel in the mouth of the nail polish bottle, and add one teaspoon of glitter at a time. Continually check and add more glitter until your nail polish is “glittery” enough for you.

And that’s all there is to it! Apply the glitter nail polish to your finger tips, allow it to dry, and follow up with a top coat so that you can be sure it is long lasting.