How to Get the Professional Nail Polish “Look”

Getting those professional enviable nails doesn’t require you to head off to the salon for an expensive manicure. You can have professional nails right from your own home! Here we’ll teach you how to give yourself the most professional nail polish jobs ever by helping you choose the right shades for you and utilizing techniques that will really create a “buzz” around the office.

DIY French Manicure

Forget those expensive and time consuming salon appointments. You can give yourself a great French manicure from home! Here’s how:

1) First be sure that any traces of old nail polish are completely removed from your nails by using a nail polish remover. Rub your nails with a cotton ball soaked with a nail polish remover and then follow up by washing your hands in warm, soapy water to remove all traces of the nail polish remover.

2) Once the warm water has softened you skin, grab an orange stick and ever so gently push your cuticles back so that they are even.

3) Take your nail clippers and a nail file and begin to clip your nails to a desired length and file them to shape.

TIP: Make sure to file your nails in one direction. Avoid using a “back and forth” sawing motion when filing your nails!

4) For the painting job you may wish to use stickers that you can buy from a drugstore to help “guide” the application of the white nail polish for the white tips of your French manicure. Otherwise, if you have a very steady hand, carefully paint just the tip of your nail a white color (or you can use any number of colors, depending on your mood, though white is the most professional). Wait for the nail polish to dry, and then apply a second coat of white nail polish to your nail tips.

5) Take a nail polish that is a transparent nude or pink color, and then paint the entire nail with this color once the tips have fully dried. You can choose to add another coat if you’d like

6) Once that nail polish has dried, follow up by applying a top coat to the top of your nails to “seal” in the nail polish.

Using Professional Nail Polish Colors

There is a fine line between showing off our individuality and mood with nail polish colors and keeping it “professional”. The general rule is, the more bold and bright the color, the less professional the color is likely to be. This is not to say that you cannot wear deep reds or pinks or even black and blue shades; it’s just a matter of when you wear them and with what.

For the best professional nail polish shades, check into what nail polish colors are “in” right now and try to find those colors in the store. Lavenders, pinks and red shades never fade out of style, and blacks and blues are almost always generally accepted. Tropical corals and orange hues can work nicely in the summer, and a bit of glitter can really add some flair to your nails. For the most part, avoid using neon shades, green hues, and painting outrageous designs on your nails.