How to Choose Toe Nail Polish

Choosing a toe nail polish is all matter of mood and individuality. There are also certainly some “mistruths” about toe nail polish that need to be cleared up, such as:

You can only wear DARK nail polish on your toes

FALSE! This couldn’t be further from the truth. Though a dark nail polish on the toes is very appealing, a lighter shade of polish or even a clear coat can be just as attractive. Darker toes work well in the winter time, but in the summer time break out the neon shades and the metallics! If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can even try different shades of nail polish on different toes.

You can’t wear nail decals on your toes

Also FALSE! You can definitely wear nail decals on your toe nails, just as you can your fingernails. Some may argue that the toe nail decals tend to come off more easily than your fingers due to the rub of socks and shoes on your toes. As long as you apply a top coat over the decal regularly (such as every day or two) then your decals should have absolutely no problem staying on just as well as they would your fingernails.

French manicures are only for your fingernails

If you have passed by any window of any salon lately, you will probably notice a picture of a woman’s toes with a beautiful French manicure. If you go for a pedicure, you can now opt to have any sort of design placed on your toes, including a French manicure with different colored tips. You can even get false nails on your toes!

A lot of women do not want to begin wearing toenail polish, as it is often thought that if you do wear toenail polish that your nails will be permanently stained – or at least until the toenail grows out. While it is rather easy to stain your toenails if you wear nail polish, there are some precautions you can take that will prevent the staining and discoloration of your toenails from happening, such as:

  • Always wear a base coat! A base coat that is applied before wearing toenail polish will help prevent any colors from staining the nails (this is especially important if you are wearing any red shades of nail polish)
  • Always remove the nail polish after a few days of wear, no matter what the shade. Any nail polish color, no matter how dark or how light, can stain your toe nails. Removing the toenail polish every few days and giving your toes a day or two to “breathe” between nail polish applications will keep your toenails healthy looking.
  • Keep your nails nice and trim. Having long toenails that are pressing up against the front of your shoes will cause your nails to bend and crack, which will make the nail beds bruise and become discolored.