Cute Nail Polish Ideas

With just a bit of creativity, some tools and different shades of nail polish, you can turn any number of cute nail polish ideas into real cute nail polish designs!

The Neon Animal Stripe

To create this cute design, you will want to choose your favorite neon color and pick out a black shade of nail polish (a favorite neon shade amongst women for this design is to choose a bright pink).

Take the black nail polish and, with a tooth pick, draw an even thin black line right where your fingernail leaves the nail bed. The goal is to create a French tip look. Once the black nail polish line has dried, carefully apply the neon colored nail polish to the nail tip, being careful to not apply it over the black line you have created or onto the nail bed.

Once you have allowed the colored polish to dry, dip the tooth pick back into the black nail polish and begin to draw animal-inspired lines, like zebra pattern lines or more squiggly lines. Apply a second coat of black if necessary, and follow up with a clear top coat to really polish off the look.

TIP: For a really unique, trendy look, paint one nail entirely with the colored nail polish rather than just the tips.

Use Jewels and Gems

Creatively placing nail jewels and gems is a really cute way to kick your nail polish up a notch. Think about using the jewels and gems in different ways, such as creating a “sun” pattern. You can apply the gem in the upper corner of one of your nails, and then create sun rays with a nail polish shade that closely resembles the color of the gem.

You can use jewels and gems to create “starry night” themed nails, or use them as the centre of a flower.

The Pool Table

If you have a whole lot of different colors of nail polish shades, including a black color and white, you can turn your fingernails into cute pool balls. Paint your nails each a different color that a pool ball may be (try making your thumb the dark black “8” ball). Once the colors have dried, take the white nail polish and paint a circle on top of the colored polish. When the white nail polish has dried, begin painting different numbers in the centre of the white circles so that your nails now resemble pool balls!

Get Cartoon-Inspired Nails

Why not fashion your fingernails after your favorite cartoon or comic book characters? If you have a lot of different nail polish shades to work with and a bit of an ability to draw, you can quickly paint your favorite cartoon or comic book characters right onto your nails. Some of the more popular choices for this are The Simpsons, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty or alternating your nails between different superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.