Cool Nail Polish Tips and Tricks

Wanting to try out a new look that will impress your friends and co-workers but you’re not quite sure where to start? Forget those basic boring reds and pinks, here are some new funky ways you can wear different colors and how you can really stand out from the crowd!

Color-Tipped French Manicure

Why not try a new spin on the old fashioned “pink and white” French manicure? Rather than use white tips with a pink or neutral base, try using a different shade as the fingernail tip. Blues, reds, and any neon shades are a real big hit this season, and for an even funkier look try using a glitter nail polish of your choice!

You can also change the nail bed color from pink to a completely different shade. Try using contrasting colors for both the nail base and the nail tip to create a whole new fresh and creative take on the most traditional nail style out there.

Nail Decals and Gems

For a really cool nail polish look, incorporate colored gems and nail decals with your nail polish shades. Try to choose gems and decals that are complimentary to the shade or shades of nail polish that you already have on your finger tips, and alternate fingers in which the decals or gems are placed. For instance, a lot of women will place a decal only on their middle finger or use gems on both the first and third finger of one hand. The great thing about nail polish is that you do not need a completely “balanced” look; you can try out different looks and designs and have them look absolutely fantastic.

Nail Designs

Adding your own nail designs to your fingers is a great way to show off your true colors. You can either try using a tooth pick and dipping it into your color of choice, or use a nail pen to get that design down pat. Try to use contrasting shades and depths of color. Alternating fingers in which there is a design and fingers that are painted just one color is another great way to give yourself that cool nail polish look.

TIP: Try mixing glitter nail polish in with more opaque shades, and alternate light colors of one type of nail polish with dark colors of the next. This will really make your nails stand out!

Trendy Nail Polish Shades

Want to have that cool nail polish that is the envy of all women? Then simply pick up a bottle of the coolest new shade of nail polish to hit the runways of Paris and Milan! You can easily find out just what nail polish shades are “in” by checking out a number of different internet sites, magazines, or even asking the beautician or cosmetician at a specialized beauty store. Wearing the most trendy new shade of nail polish will have everyone begging you to know just where you got it, and don’t be too surprised if some of your closest friends ask to borrow it.