Long Hair Versus Short Hair – 2 Big Advantages to Getting a Short Hairstyle

In the last few years, short hairstyles have become more and more popular for women. The haircuts that were thought to be left in the past are modern again. There are several advantages and pros to having short hair versus long hair. 2 Big Advantages of Short Hair Versus Long Hair for Women One of the main and most beneficial aspects of a short hairstyle is definitely the fact that it does not require much time or effort to take […]

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Flat iron

How To Straighten Hair – Using Flat Irons to Straighten Hair

While there are many beauty advantages of staying ahead of the fashion fads, using a lot of styling products can eventually cause hair damage. Many women use a variety of tools like blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons to straighten, blow dry straight-hair-with-flat-irons and curl their hair. Many ladies are using hair straighteners and flat irons more and more to eliminate frizz and produce a smooth and stylish look. But, using these kinds of hair tools can cause quite a bit of destruction and damage in the long run.

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Skin Care

Effective Rosacea Skin Care

Those who have rosacea tend to know that they have it – the telltale “red” and blushed appearance that can often be mistaken by others to be pimples or even a sun burn. Contrary to popular belief, rosacea is neither a sun burn nor is it some form of adult acne; it is a separate skin condition that affects up to 14 million Americans every single day.

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